In the year of our Lord

The Truth can match wits with anyone!

[[It has been five years now since anyone in Michelle’s family has befallen a calamity so we are starting to think we will have our wish to be joined.  My family with Michelle are my greatest fans.]]

I have a brain
Which though inundated
Allows me to think
Then rethink my latest!
The rain falls on insane
Because another word
Allows me to consider
What I might be when absurd.
Long, long it was
Before I came again
To such a word as such!
Such such must be rich
Or what can I think
When I am thinking again
About such an absurd word
As much such!

Doesn’t one when thinking
About the word absurd
When it was a very  happy word
Consider the alternative
That such imbues absurdity –
A niche under the sister sun
And the howling moon
Last seen before the conclusion
Of both antebellum and postbellum!

(Much Such)

@INK Smudges

He should have been!
He was that good – that great.
Once there was a player
Who was so good he was great.
He did not make the wall.
The first time he just lost time
But the last time
He garnered voters for all time.
He now is a shiny new dime.
He was that good – that great.
He should have been
So he must have been
And so for all time he is!

(An Epitaph)

@INK Smudges

I know the Lamb
Watches over me
As I strengthen again.
See what I am
As I write again
And bare myself.
Easter creates traffic jams
Then something that is not
Cannot be seen
As we walk freely
Into the Parish Hall
Filled with ardent believers
Trying to discover
The gift our Lord
Left with them
For us all to savor.
I have not written
For nearly two years
But now despite the damage
I note our Miracle
Once again calls me forth
To bear witness
He guides my hand
Still and sure
Just as before.
Welcome back dear Lord.
We note you seem
Far from being
A sacrificial Lamb.

(Sacrificial Lamb)

@INK Smudges

Happy Holidays (I don’t know where the photo comes from so shhhhh!)