In the year of our Lord

The Truth can match wits with anyone!

It is never to late to say a prayer for Easter!!!

[[It has been ten years now since anyone in Michelle’s family has befallen a calamity so we are starting to think we will have our wish to be joined.  My family with Michelle are my greatest fans. My sons tell me to not lose faith and we will be together on the farm!!

I hope everyone is having a delicious farmer’s basket of fried chicken, deviled eggs, pickled sweet potatoes and pickled onions and cucumbers washed down by hot chocolate and/or chamomile tea on this fine day.

Michelle and our family and their Church friends have control of two of my websites which are “blueseahorsesreef” and “rainontheroof” – both of them have quite a bit of poetry on them.]]

[GOOD NEWS: Michelle states by Civil Service emergency phone lines that she will be able to visit with me in the near future!!!] [Usually the phone lines are credited with being manned by a large media concern rather than the government.] [[I love Michelle whom I know loves me!]]

[[Here are suggestions from the INK Smudges family::

My Michelle likes Miles Davis’ album “Miles Plays for Lovers.”

Disc 1 – 06 – Spring Creek [George Winston]
Disc 1 – 02 – Anywhere Is [Enya]
12 – Sweet Georgia Brown [Sidney Bechet]
Disc 1 – 01 – My Funny Valentine [Miles Davis]
Disc 1 – 14 – My Love, My Life” [Piano – Benny Anderson]
13 – All of Me – [Sidney Bechet]
12 – Stimela (The Coal Train) – Hugh Masekela


[[ ‘Absurdity and Irony’

Irony, “You seem really with it this morning, Absurdity”

Absurdity, “I should tell you the same but you wake up to a Starbuck’s latte every day.”

Irony, “What is your secret this morning?”

Absurdity, “I had a breakfast latte this morning.  First you make an English breakfast tea and then you add a couple of packets of hot chocolate. By the way – Happy Valentines Day!”]]

[[Absurdity  – what is the rumble on the attic stairs?

Oh! You heard me! I didn’t hear anyone when I landed head first at the bottom of  the stairs.

I didn’t hear swear words so I knew you didn’t hurt yourself.

Now Irony  you aren’t supposed to hear swear words from someone who is absurd.

How are the stairs now Mr. Absurdity?]]

[[Irony, “Where are you dear?”

Absurdity, “I am practising my speech for the election.  How does this sound?  “Wannabe, wannabe, wannabe — woe be gone quick!””

Irony, “Wannabe is too long for a one word rhyme.”

Absurdity, “How does this sound, “Wabbe, wabbe, wabbe — woe be gone quick!””

Irony, “Good honey.  We will be sure to have the local businessmen over for beer once a month.”]]

[[Absurdity, “Irony dear, I hear your sister’s car was in a wreck.”

Irony, “Yes DEAR! I warned her about loaning her car to even a steady.”

Absurdity, “Yes dear but love sees no blemishes.  Probably she will be asked again when the car gets home!”]]

[[Irony, “Thank you so much for the nice quilt.  I thought we were pinching pennies.”

Absurdity, “I was just noticing that Bitcoin is of over 54 thousand now.  I thought we could afford a few of the items we would like to have.  In the 90’s we had Internet I and it looks like we have been having Internet II now for a couple of years already.”]]

[[Irony, “I have decided to call the novel I wish to write someday “Prison without Walls.”

Absurdity, “That’s a good title.  What will the novel’s plot be?”

Irony, “The government will tell an MIT professor that two heads are better than one.

MIT professor, “You cannot hear me think.”

Government, “Come to the laboratory where we are paying the bills for you.  When you are there you can hear yourself think.”

MIT professor, “You are just trying to weld my thoughts to my muscle control.”

Government, “Everyone has a stream of consciousness.”

MIT professor, “F!”

Irony , “How do you like it?”

Absurdity, “That makes me think of my father.  My father worked for the railroads when I was preschool.  He sat in a tower at the crossing of two railroads and inspected the trains for one thing as they travelled past.  I accompanied him at night and read his ‘Soldier of Fortune’ magazines and so forth while he worked. Someone was really angry at my father.  One day in front of me my father told a neighbor that all the talk about Berkeley and Stanford didn’t seem right to him.  He said he thought that guys like me went to MIT.  My father died in 1988 but it seems that someone is still mad at him. My father then told the neighbor that someday I would be a poet.”]]

@INK Smudges

First the wind is blowing.
Then the wind blows this way
And then the wind blows that way.
Are we in the eye of the storm….

The hurricane is the victor.
The sheep are bleating
But they cannot be heard.
They do not hoard their concerns
For a better time
When their bleating can be heard.

Everything is pleasant.
We are not poor peasants;
We know our prayers are heard.
Then we are alarmed
As the wind blows first this way
Then that way.

(Eye of the Storm)

@INK Smudges


@INK Smudges

Happy Holidays (I don’t know where the photo comes from so shhhhh!)