In the year of our Lord

The Truth can match wits with anyone!

[[It has been ten years now since anyone in Michelle’s family has befallen a calamity so we are starting to think we will have our wish to be joined.  My family with Michelle are my greatest fans. My sons tell me to not lose faith and we will be together on the farm!!

I hope everyone is having a delicious farmer’s basket of fried chicken, deviled eggs, pickled sweet potatoes and pickled onions and cucumbers washed down by hot chocolate and/or chamomile tea on this fine day.

Michelle and our family and their Church friends have control of two of my websites which are “blueseahorsesreef” and “rainontheroof” – both of them have quite a bit of poetry on them.]]

[GOOD NEWS: Michelle states by Civil Service emergency phone lines that she will be able to visit with me in the near future!!!] [Usually the phone lines are credited with being manned by a large media concern rather than the government.] [[I love Michelle whom I know loves me!]]

[[Here are suggestions from the INK Smudges family::

My Michelle likes Miles Davis’ album “Miles Plays for Lovers.”

Disc 1 – 06 – Spring Creek [George Winston]
Disc 1 – 02 – Anywhere Is [Enya]
12 – Sweet Georgia Brown [Sidney Bechet]
Disc 1 – 01 – My Funny Valentine [Miles Davis]
Disc 5 – 09 – Silver Scale [Tangerine Dream]
Disc 5 – 10 – Jamaican Monk  [Tangerine Dream]


“My husband
Is a very fine mouse.”
Sings mother mouse.
“Megan! Come to the kitchen.
I need help
With all the cooking
Of pumpkin and spice
Treats that we make
That just cannot be beat.
When we’re finished
Stirring up treats
We’ll be famished
And we can start
Stirring together
Pumpkin seeds and spice
Stuffing for our bird
Which will be
Aromatic in the extreme
With nut meg.

Megan Mouse burst into the kitchen
Where she began inspection
Of the pumpkin and spice
Treats like pudding.
“Mother, will we have 
pudding with our lunch?”

Mother Mouse exclaimed,
It is just ten o’clock.
You just had breakfast
at eight o’clock.
Your father is taking
The afternoon off so
We can have our turkey
About two – to – three o’clock.
We think that a 
Holiday turkey dinner
On All Saints Day
Is a much better idea
Than running around the neighborhood
Asking for treats.
Can you cut the Provoline
Into chunks and mix
The cheese chunks with the cornbread crumbs
And the pumpkin seeds
And nut meg!”

I can do that mother.
I’m getting really strong
Now that I’m in the fourth grade.
I’m going to be really hungry
By two to three o’clock.
Father said he would 
Bring almonds for the pudding.
I think a holiday meal
On All Saints Day
Is a great way 
To start count downs
To Christmas and New Year’s Day
May I baste our turkey
With your help mother?”

“Now Megan basting
Is hot enough to burn someone.”

“Mother my I fill our turkey
With our secret stuffing.”

“Yes you may Megan.
Then would you set 
Our platter out on the kitchen table.”

I’m home my beautiful wife
And my just as beautiful daughter.
Megan may we drink hot chocolate
So we don’t get hungry before three o’clock?

Thank you my dear father.
Our bird will need to start cooling
By two-thirty.
You should come into the kitchen
So you can smell the stuffing.
Did you remember the almonds?

“I sure did.
I remembered egg nog also.
I hope the revellers
Like the paper carnations
That we have for them
Rather than trick or treat candy.

The mouse of the house
Is well pleased
With the pumpkin stuffing.
Megan still ate more stuffing
Than I did.
By the time we have tidied
The kitchen we will be hungry
For a glass of egg nog.”

“My father!
Three families have stopped
To ring our door knocker.
They are so happy
With the paper carnations
We’re passing out for everyone.
I have been reminding
Our friends
That it is just 55 days
Until it is time for our next bird
For Christmas Day celebrations.

(Pumpkin and Spice)

@INK Smudges

I have a brain
Which though inundated
Allows me to think
Then rethink my latest!
The rain falls on insane
Because another word
Allows me to consider
What I might be when absurd.
Long, long it was
Before I came again
To such a word as such!
Such such must be rich
Or what can I think
When I am thinking again
About such an absurd word
As much such!

Doesn’t one when thinking
About the word absurd
When it was a very  happy word
Consider the alternative
That such imbues absurdity –
A niche under the sister sun
And the howling moon
Last seen before the conclusion
Of both antebellum and postbellum!

(Much Such)

@INK Smudges

He should have been!
He was that good – that great.
Once there was a player
Who was so good he was great.
He did not make the wall.
The first time he just lost time
But the last time
He garnered voters for all time.
He now is a shiny new dime.
He was that good – that great.
He should have been
So he must have been
And so for all time he is!

(An Epitaph)

@INK Smudges


@INK Smudges

Happy Holidays (I don’t know where the photo comes from so shhhhh!)